haveyouseenmydearbrother replied to your post: “14. Most fashionable!”:
Why can’t Kendra wear some snappy hats or scarves?

Okay, but they have to be loud neon lime green and purple animal prints.

Wait that sounds fantastic.

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haveyouseenmydearbrother → Does Dyr ever bump his head on doorframes?

I am certain.

Alternatively, he has ‘his people’ scope out establishments before he even arrives and they cut out spaces in the frames.

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haveyouseenmydearbrother → Holy shit, how did Djeid outrank the hot guy with a harem of young men in 'most sexual'?


I think my logic was by relationships rather tha- but then i thought Dyr had an unfair time advanta- but then even if he did you gotta admi-

Okay, you got me there. No logic can make that right can it? xD

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haveyouseenmydearbrother → 3. Oldest to Youngest! (Not counting Dogg, Luke, or Dyr)

ehehee. ya got me. :3c

Since that one doesn’t require too much thought from this sleep-addled brain (who am I kidding, it’s always addled) I did multiple sets. Most > Least on everything.

Garra (Varke, Garrans): Klir > Djeid; Nydamna Perrie (despite what i told you earlier, Nydamna is also used as a title for a respected older woman) > Grego’s Son (who is so unimportant I can’t even remember his name)

Terra Felis: one of the Oligarchs, probably (VoC shadow government [wiggles fingers]) > one of the sets of twins, probably. Sue and Reese, I bet.

Big City: Dr. Copperhead > Sarah Copperhead (the less said about these two the better)

Lost Keys: Dr. Feelgood (blame the creator not me) > Teeloh (Trienn’s younger brother)

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haveyouseenmydearbrother → 14. Most fashionable!

Mmmm… MONSTER CIRCUS for the hell of it

The slime girls Tiffannie and Annalise continue to wear matching outfits to die for.

Kendra the harpy wears no clothes.

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kylelabra → 1, 7, and 21 for Garra! Top 3's would be nice :)

1. Tallest to ShortestDyranygal (tall as fuck) > Grego (average as fuck) > Alanal (short as fuck)

7. Most IntelligentAkurza (book learnin) > Djeid (street smarts) > Bennon (dumb as a rock)

21. Most SexualuuuuUUHHHHHHHH man uhOkay just going by relationships since that’s easier to quantify I’m gonna say Djeid > Dyranygal > Menesal

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Anonymous → 24. student

24. Best to Worst Student goes to the only group even in school besides the harry potter ripoff

Spyke > Marina > Jo

As much as Spyke sucks, she’d probably suck even more if she was one of those annoying AP students.

I love the idea of Marina just being all-around average, really.

If Jo even does/did go to Muzak Academy, I see him dropping out. Or rather, just… not showing up one day.

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haveyouseenmydearbrother → 15. Most honest to least. (you can't include Luke here because that's cheating)


Since that’s a Lost Keys guy:

Dogg (that’s probably cheating too) > Stack > Jeff

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Apo and I just had a thumb war over a silent Skype vid call

She won


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?????? :0

you know damn well what >:P

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